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Why Essential Oils Work 101

Join Veronica Sek and Erica Garcia, doTERRA Wellness Advocates, for an afternoon workshop.

We'll educate on:

  • The research and science behind essential oils
  • Why doTERRA essential oils are the highest quality and safest to use
  • Get a chance to check out the newly released essential oils and products
  • A chance to have all your questions answered


doTERRA's Dream Tour

Dream, celebrate, and discover. Join us on our Dream Tour following our doTERRA Annual Global Convention. Come to find out more about essential oils, to be inspired, and to learn how you can make a difference and impact lives for good. Learn how our commitment to providing pure essential oils is furthering our mission to advance the healthcare standards of the world, and how you can join us. 


Hiii yogis or soon to be yogis!

I love yoga because there is something for everyone on and off the mat. Yoga itself is more than a physical practice. It is an ever exploring and evolving practice of self and I love sharing it with others! 

My first experience of yoga was from a dvd I bought at Sports Authority back in elementary school. One day in college I decided to recommit to my yoga practice, I dusted off the dvd, tossed it in my laptop and rolled out a mat in my dorm room. A few weeks later I walked into a Corepower Yoga studio and my practice truly began. Originally what drew me to yoga was my hope of reducing chronic stress and finding balance in my life. Yoga has helped me both physically with my scoliosis which affects my back and shoulders, and mentally by creating space and clarity in my mind. I teach with patience and love knowing from my own struggles and exploration that every body works differently and requires their own variations.

I have been practicing yoga now for 8 years and teaching for 5 in the Chicagoland and surrounding area! I have taught children and teens at the Union League Boys & Girls Clubs, adult artists with disabilities at Arts of Life, and all types of people at Blue Sky Yoga, Kula Yoga Lifestyle, The Yoga Effect, The Union League Club of Chicago, Calm Minds, and BuckleDown Brewery. I specialize in vinyasa flow, beginners and restorative aromayoga classes.

To learn more about the types of classes I teach and to schedule a private or group class or workshop with me, send me an email at [email protected]

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