About Veronica & Happily Nourished

one part Chicagoan, one part food activist, one part yogi, 100% covered in essential oils, annnnnd 10 parts comedian... I think that adds up, right?!

Hiiiii I'm Veronica!

The Happily Nourished Yogi

I'm a Women's Health Advocate & Educator

Formally educated and trained in applied psychology (bachelors), public health (masters), yoga (certified), and aromatouch technique (certified). A lifelong learner and lover of all things wellness including the food system, essential oils, physiology and nutrition, plants, nature, self-love/care, cooking, laughter, and the list keeps growing.


Happily Nourished was created from an evolution of self through wellness and defining wellness on my own terms. 

Happily Nourished is a way of life.

A more mindful, intuitive and nontoxic way of living.

One that brings joy and the light to be more present, mindful, grateful, happy, fulfilled, nourished in all aspects of your life.

I'm on a mission to help extraordinary women, like you, define your own happily nourished. 

I created this space for you to feel empowered, to explore, and to grow. 

Here you'll find guidance, joy and laughter. Resources. Information. Programs. Community. Inspiration. Access to the best Essential Oils and more!

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