It's time for a RevŌILution.


Four years ago I was drowning in stress while in the midst of grad school. My mental and physical health were shot. I was an utter mess and desperate for solutions. My beautiful friend Melissa told me about these magical oils that did wonders for stress. I grew up using traditional Polish herbal remedies so I naturally was interested in trying essential oils and I've never looked back since. Essential oils changed my life! 

They have offered me an alternative and complimentary natural solution to both my physical and mental wellness needs, that works and I can trust.

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It is undeniable that we live in a broken and manufactured healthcare system. We are forced to fit into a box while on a cellular level we are all individual and unique. Essential oils are a tool to customizing for your wellness needs without second guessing or trading for nasty side effects. You can optimize your physical and mental health naturally. 

Essential oils are naturally occurring, powerful aromatic compounds that hold incredible benefits for your health and well-being. They have a wide range of usages from uplifting your mood on a gloomy day to supporting your immune system during icky times of the year. Essential oils have almost endless, holistic possibilities for enhancing your life all-around. 

Nature's Gift

Essential oils are an alternative and complimentary solution

Join The Ōil Life

It's more than just a bottle of essential oil that smells good.

It's certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils from nature.

It's getting down to the root of the problem.

It's choosing natural over synthetic first & whenever possible.

It's respecting your body's chemistry.

It's choosing an individualized wellness plan.

It's becoming more intuitive & listening to your body.

It's finding clarity in both your mind & body.

It's joining a holistic, health & forward-minded community.

It's about you & it's about something more.

It's becoming an advocate for your health & wellness.

It's a movement.


dō Difference

The difference between store bought essential oils and dōTERRA essential oils


When it comes to using essential oils it's all about the the big Q. Quality. That is why dōTERRA created the Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG) standard which ensures the oils you're using are free of additives, chemicals, solvents and alterations. CPTG is the highest form of purity and potency so you always get the results you deserve. 


There's no hidden secrets at dōTERRA. You get to know it all. Transparency is important in today's market especially when we're talking about our health. That is why dōTERRA is happy to share their sourcing practices including their global network of growers, distillers, scientists and practitioners. You can even check the GCMS quality report for every bottle of oil at


Besides providing the most tested, most trusted essential oils, I love dōTERRA because they are more than a product company. They are a science and research-based company. dōTERRA stays at the forefront of scientific advances by partnering with amazing academic, industry and scientific institutions to discover and develop the world's highest quality essential oils.



How does one improve on what nature has designed? Simply put, you don’t. Instead dōTERRA focuses on innovating new delivery methods and products as well as discovering powerful blends while maintaining the integrity and potency of the essential oils, maximizing the benefits of essential oils, and allowing nature to work. 


dōTERRA is on a mission to provide a new standard of essential oils with the world. A mission I believe they have achieved! Providing the most pure and effective essential oils to offer maximum benefits to all who use them. Their advocates focus on educating and empowering individuals with essential oils in every home.


Only 10 years on the market, dōTERRA was confirmed as the global leader in aromatherapy and essential oils. Since their beginnings they have led a movement in offering the highest quality therapeutic essential oils and now are at the forefront of the healthcare revolution. Their impact is being compared to companies like Amazon, Google, and Apple.


dōTERRA has always been rooted in service of humankind. They continue to provide support and relief worldwide to those in drastic need through their Healing Hands Foundation and multiple humanitarian partnerships, bringing healing and hope to global communities with the tools needed to become self-reliant.


dōTERRA is committed to developing long-term, mutually beneficial supplier partnerships while creating sustainable jobs and providing reliable income in underdeveloped areas. They are making a positive difference in the lives of farmers, harvesters, and distillers who contribute to the production oils.

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