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A series that digs into wellness at the root through science and the human experience of self-care and purpose. Digging into the topics of mindfulness, intuition, dōTERRA essential oils, women's health, nature as medicine, purpose and more. Each episode grows on the stories and tools for living and leading a more mindful, intuitive and nontoxic life.


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Shifting Towards an Integrative Approach to Care, Destigmatizing Therapy, & Leading a Practice Through Collaboration with Whitney Hawkins Goodman

This week I  chat with Whitney Hawkins Goodman, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and owner of The Collaborative Counseling Center in Miami, FL. She throws down some truth bombs about therapy, barriers to entry, and more. She brings insight to leading and marketing your own therapy practice and how social media has allowed therapists to break the stigma behind therapy and create awareness.


In this episode, we talk about:

  • Therapy for individuals with chronic illness
  • Stress and the stress response
  • Collaborative space for therapists to build their own practice
  • Barriers to entry to creating a practice
  • Using Instagram as market research
  • Barriers to receiving care
  • Steps to finding a therapist
  • Preparing for your first appointment
  • An integrative approach to care
  • Providing empowerment


Where to find Whitney:

Email: [email protected]




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Embracing the Grey Unknown and Building Trust, Relationships, and Community as a Math Instructional Coach with Maria Papiez

This week we chat with Maria Papiez. Maria and I actually grew up together! She is my cousin and my very first friend since the day she was born. Our paths have weaved in and out as we’ve ventured on our own purpose-filled paths but always realizing we’re growing similarly in different ways. I love catching up with her and having the ME TOO moments. She is a former 2nd grade teacher, and this past year she took on a new role as a math instructional coach in grades 3-5. Going from working with kiddos to working with adults has challenged her in the best ways. She works with teachers to better improve math instruction in their classroom. We talk about embracing the grey when it comes to working with real people and whats she has found to be the most successful ways to build the trust that is essential to working together as a team. There are so many great tidbits in this episode I know you’ll enjoy!


In this episode, we talk about:

  • Transitioning from working...
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Find out What’s Eating Erica Jacobs, or Better yet What She Preaches About Recovery, Yoga, Oils, and Personal Development

This week I chat with Erica Jacobs. She is many things including a writer, healer, yoga teacher, Jesus loving Jew, extroverted introvert, will make you laugh till you cry, then say, "there's an oil for that," but my favorite by far is how she can have a serious conversation and be light-hearted at the same time. She teaches yoga, but secretly uses the classroom to teach about addiction, tolerance, recovery, grief, lust, desire, humility, freedom, God, Quantum Physics, and Warrior II...with a few curse words thrown in for good luck...which you’ll get a taste of right here during our episode. She is building a doTERRA business and consistently makes sure she isn’t falling victim to the "stop playing small/live your best life by buying what I'm selling" language, which I appreciate about her. She hates all personal development lingo and tries to cultivate a language and personal message that insists upon wholeness just for existing. We dig into many topics but the last 15...

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Intuitive Alignment in Business and Life, Finding Your Audience Along the Way with Visual + Verbal Apothecary, Emmeline Bramble

business intuition podcast Apr 10, 2019

This week I chat with Emmeline Bramble, a Verbal + Visual Apothecary for the Cunning Folk. Through guided mentorship, design services, and copywriting, Emmeline assist compassionate kindred spirits in crafting intuitively-aligned businesses with the power to support their most authentic lives. We dig into what her role as an apothecary and who she serves. We dig deep through remnants of the past and the current social consciousness and state of wellness. I really enjoyed our discussion around everything intuition and will definitely be re-listening 10 more times. She sheds lots of wisdom around energy and alignment especially when it comes to owning a business or even owning your life.


In this episode, we talk about:

  • What is a Visual + Verbal Apothecary
  • Who are the Cunning Folk
  • Current feminine and masculine energy shift
  • Wisdom of intuition and knowing
  • Reconnecting with one’s intuition
  • What the heck is alignment
  • How to get intuitively aligned in your business
  • Finding...
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Becoming Self-Aware of Fear, Moving Towards Courage with Illustrator and Storyteller, Stephanie Chinn

This week I chat with Stephanie Chinn, the illustrator and storyteller behind my logo. She illustrates everyday life experience that she goes through as well as experiences that  she feels connected with. She typically leans towards illustrating artwork that is centered around mental health and is currently focusing on body image (check out her artwork!). Her artwork tends to stem from life experiences that challenge her and inspires her along with initiatives that light her up. What I love about Stephanie is how raw she was in this episode and how she has navigated challenges and created something very beautiful out of them. I definitely took lots of notes during this recording!   


In this episode, we talk about:

  • Stephanie’s journey through addiction into illustration
  • Courage and self-awareness
  • Noticing and working through fear, patterns, and self-talk
  • Impostor syndrome and being a creative
  • Finding support when we don’t have the answers



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Planning and Crafting as Self-Care and the Inside Scoop on the Planner Conference and Community with Rege

planning podcast self care Mar 27, 2019

This week I talk to my college roommate, Rege, who has a lot to say about planning! Yes, I mean like the kind of planning that encourages stickers and washi tape. Not sure what washi tape is? By the end of this episode you might want to *invest* in some. She leads the life of a Policy Analyst by day in a bedazzled cubicle and breaks up the boring cub life with crafts and hockey. We dive into the world of planning, crafting, and how self-care doesn't always have to be a bubble bath and a glass of wine (though we believe in those too). If you asked Rege, she would say that planners save lives and it's totally cool to have a side hustle that doesn't turn into your career. She keeps it real, dive on in.


In this episode, we talk about:

  • The evolution of the planning community
  • How planners reduce anxiety
  • Planning as a creative outlet
  • Bring back pen and paper and the millennial gen
  • Downfall of technology
  • Using a side biz and crafting as a way to create healthy habits
  • Planning as...
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Authenticity and Deconditioning Through Mindfulness with Human Design Analyst, Ilona Barnhart

This week I talk to a woman who has been going against the grain, gettin’ down with her roots, with confidence before it was even a thing… My good friend, Ilona Barnhart. She is an Artist, Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher and Human Design Analyst. While cultivating a conscious lifestyle, Ilona combines yoga, mindfulness and human design to guide individuals to the healer and guru within, resulting in a magnetic, authentic, and ecstatic life. In this episode we caught up with her since her first appearance in season one, a little over a year ago I believe! Since then she has made so many shifts in her life, especially after finding Human Design. She tells us about her joy in helping others reconnect with their authentic self through their HD type, or as she calls it your soul’s fingerprint. If you’re slightly interested in what that looks like or want to hear the transformations she’s already experienced personally and seem clients go through, dive on in.

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Ep 14 From Lawyer to Yogi and Marathoner with Bernie Isacovici

podcast May 23, 2018

Connect with Bernie on his website, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. You can also find his SUP yoga schedule here.
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Ep 13 How the Elimination Diet Helped Me Find Clarity and Freedom with My Body

podcast May 09, 2018

A couple years ago I had my first taste of an elimination diet. Since then I have completed an elimination in variety of ways, each time learning something new about my body.

I'm not going to lie one of the reasons I chose to do the diet was to lose weight and look better but what I got out of it was worth so much more. For the first time in my life I began to understand my body and feel how certain foods effect me on both a physical and emotional level. It has changed the way I look at food. Instead of counting calories I now check in with my body and choose what feels best in that moment. That in itself was the best result of all. I finally found clarity and freedom.
What is an elimination diet, you may ask.
Well, it is basically what it says. It is an elimination of certain foods, mostly foods that are generally unhealthy and potentially can cause allegoric reactions or sensitives.
In a strict version of the diet you would basically stick...
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Ep 12 Cortni McPherson on Being a Student and Teacher of Yoga and Everything In-between

podcast Apr 25, 2018

This episode is take 2 of my conversation with Cortni McPherson. The first time we had a little technology blip which resulted in a blank recording, haha. Cortni is a rockstar yoga instructor based in Lake County, Illinois, that teaches creative flows that are inclusive and welcoming for everyone. In this episode we talk about how Cortni got into yoga starting from her days at the YMCA and watching FitTV. Then realizing she can be a student and a teacher. My favorite quote is when Cortni says [pertaining to using notes for her classes when she first started] "getting rid of that crutch is where I ultimately tapped into that creativity." In a sense, when we all get rid of whatever is holding us we can discover something new! Cortni speaks to how teaching yoga is more than just talking at your students and more so an exchange of energy. We talk about how its easy to get worn out juggling a full-time job and teaching schedule. It is really difficult to...
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