Gettin' Down With Her Roots Podcast & Blog

A series that digs into wellness at the root through science and the human experience of self-care and purpose. Digging into the topics of mindfulness, intuition, dōTERRA essential oils, women's health, nature as medicine, purpose and more. Each episode grows on the stories and tools for living and leading a more mindful, intuitive and nontoxic life.


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Ep 4 Amy Primeau on Limiting Beliefs, Stimulants, Awareness, & Backyard Yoga

podcast Nov 07, 2017

Guest: Amy Primeau, Certified Holistic Health Coach & Yoga Instructor

Facebook: @amy.primeau.7
Instagram: @amy.primeau


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Ep 3 Rich Mihalovich on Podcasting & Taking Care of Your Meat Vessel

podcast Oct 29, 2017

Guest: Rich Michalovich, Host of The Unseriously Serious Podcast, Health, Fitness & Nutrition Enthusiast

Facebook: Richard Mihalovich
Twitter: @uspodcast1
Email: [email protected]


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Ep 2 Ilona Barnhart on Transformation through Yoga, Meditation & Mindfulness

podcast Oct 22, 2017

Guest: Ilona Barnhart, Cultural Anthropologist, Photographer, & Yoga and Meditation Guide

Facebook: @ilonabarnhart & @barnhartweddings
Instagram: @ilonabarnhart & @yogawithilona
Twitter: @barnhartilona
YouTube: Ilona Barnhart


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Ep 1 Angie Miller on F*Bomb Yoga, Balance, Authenticity, & Giving Yourself to the Universe

podcast Oct 22, 2017

Guest: Angie Miller, Owner & Operator of Blue Sky Yoga & Community Builder

Facebook: @myblueskyyoga
Instagram: @blueskyyogalibertyville & @fbombingyogi & @iommylife
Twitter: @myblueskyyoga


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Intro to Gettin' Down With Your Roots

podcast Oct 22, 2017

A podcast series by Veronica Sek, the @happilynourishedyogi, that digs into wellness at the root through culture, traditions, societal norms, and personal experiences. Wellness encompassing your physical and emotional health, spirituality, relationships, and life purpose and passion. Guests are extraordinary people who are working on a deeper level to reconnect with their wellness.

Veronica is a Public Health Professional and Yoga, Wellness, and Essential Oil Educator and now Podcaster! She is bringing two worlds together, a passion for wellness and a love for (cultural) roots.


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