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A series that digs into wellness at the root through science and the human experience of self-care and purpose. Digging into the topics of mindfulness, intuition, dōTERRA essential oils, women's health, nature as medicine, purpose and more. Each episode grows on the stories and tools for living and leading a more mindful, intuitive and nontoxic life.


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Ep 13 How the Elimination Diet Helped Me Find Clarity and Freedom with My Body

podcast May 09, 2018

A couple years ago I had my first taste of an elimination diet. Since then I have completed an elimination in variety of ways, each time learning something new about my body.

I'm not going to lie one of the reasons I chose to do the diet was to lose weight and look better but what I got out of it was worth so much more. For the first time in my life I began to understand my body and feel how certain foods effect me on both a physical and emotional level. It has changed the way I look at food. Instead of counting calories I now check in with my body and choose what feels best in that moment. That in itself was the best result of all. I finally found clarity and freedom.
What is an elimination diet, you may ask.
Well, it is basically what it says. It is an elimination of certain foods, mostly foods that are generally unhealthy and potentially can cause allegoric reactions or sensitives.
In a strict version of the diet you would basically stick...
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Ep 12 Cortni McPherson on Being a Student and Teacher of Yoga and Everything In-between

podcast Apr 25, 2018

This episode is take 2 of my conversation with Cortni McPherson. The first time we had a little technology blip which resulted in a blank recording, haha. Cortni is a rockstar yoga instructor based in Lake County, Illinois, that teaches creative flows that are inclusive and welcoming for everyone. In this episode we talk about how Cortni got into yoga starting from her days at the YMCA and watching FitTV. Then realizing she can be a student and a teacher. My favorite quote is when Cortni says [pertaining to using notes for her classes when she first started] "getting rid of that crutch is where I ultimately tapped into that creativity." In a sense, when we all get rid of whatever is holding us we can discover something new! Cortni speaks to how teaching yoga is more than just talking at your students and more so an exchange of energy. We talk about how its easy to get worn out juggling a full-time job and teaching schedule. It is really difficult to...
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Ep 11 6 Effective Ways To Gain Control Over Your Food Cravings Once And For All

podcast Apr 11, 2018

Cravings are crack

Can I get a raise of hands who here has cravings, specifically food cravings! Maybe for a delicious slice or five of Chicago cheesy deep dish pizza or some Hersey’s chocolate-y goodness? Hiiiii me too! Or at least I use to, big time! 

Like most millennial's I grew up in a time where marketing pop-tarts and sugar-filled cereal to a kid on a Saturday morning in-between episodes of Sponge Bob was the regular deal, as I sat with a large bowl of Cocoa Puffs because who doesn’t go cuckoo for those when they’re eight and not educated in nutrition.

Now sitting here as a 27 year old who just recently in the last year or so got a handle on her cravings, that shiz is real. To this day I dream about chocolate though, my one and only remaining craving and vice, but as long as I continue with a few crucial practices I know I have full control of my cravings.


A few observations along the way...

What I’ve learned when I started to...

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Gettin' Down With Your Roots Podcast Season 2 Trailer

podcast Apr 04, 2018

A sneak preview of season 2 and a look back on season 1.

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Ep 10 Veronica Sek Solo on Reflecting on 2017, Planning for 2018, & Gratitude

podcast Dec 20, 2017

Host, Veronica Sek, Yoga, Wellness, & Essential Oil Educator & Podcaster


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Ep 9 Kerry Biskelonis on the Cycle of Stress, Information Overload, Striving, Comparison & Fulfillment

podcast Dec 12, 2017

Guest: Kerry Biskelonis, Licensed Professional Counselor & Registered Yoga Teacher

Instagram: @resetbrainandbody

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Ep 8 Jason Paszkowski on Wellness, Lifestyle & Life as a Firefighter & Paramedic

podcast Dec 06, 2017

Guest: Jason Paszkowski, Firefighter, Paramedic, & Goodhearted Citizen

Email: [email protected]

Link Jay mentioned for firefighters supporting firefighters:


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Ep 7 Lindsey Shifley Continued: Digging into the History, Evolution, Revolution, & Technology Advances in Food

podcast Nov 28, 2017

Guest: Lindsey Shifley, Chef, Blogger, Food Revolutionist, & Softball Coach

Facebook: @lindsey.shifley
Instagram: @lindseyshifley
Twitter: @lindseyshifley


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Ep 6 Lindsey Shifley on the Food Revolution, Eating Psychology, & Sports to Food References

podcast Nov 22, 2017

Guest: Lindsey Shifley, Chef, Blogger, Food Revolutionist, & Softball Coach

Facebook: @lindsey.shifley
Instagram: @lindseyshifley
Twitter: @lindseyshifley


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Ep 5 Veronica Sek Solo on Gettin' Down with Her Roots with Essential Oils

podcast Nov 15, 2017

Host, Veronica Sek, Yoga, Wellness, & Essential Oil Educator & Podcaster 

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