Self-care Series on Season 3 of Gettin' Down With Your Roots Podcast [trailer]

intune podcast self-care Sep 19, 2018

Season 3 of Gettin' Down With Your Roots is back and I have a special series for you. Are you excited to find out what it's about?!

This season is a 4 part series on self-care. Each episode is a little sneak peak of INTUNE, a self-care and essential oils program I created for you! INTUNE is launching this Fall, so very soon! 

I spent most of this year creating a transformational wellness program for women. Why women? Because we're always putting others first and following others guidelines, but not this time. INTUNE is a roadmap to your wellness, your healthcare, your self-care, you! 

INTUNE focuses on 4 phases, each focusing on a different parts of your wellness.

To learn more about INTUNE check it out here.

Listen to this episode to find out what is awaiting you this season on the Gettin' Down With Your Roots podcast and get a sneak peak of INTUNE.

I think you're going to really love it! Check out what women are saying about INTUNE here.

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