Find out What’s Eating Erica Jacobs, or Better yet What She Preaches About Recovery, Yoga, Oils, and Personal Development

This week I chat with Erica Jacobs. She is many things including a writer, healer, yoga teacher, Jesus loving Jew, extroverted introvert, will make you laugh till you cry, then say, "there's an oil for that," but my favorite by far is how she can have a serious conversation and be light-hearted at the same time. She teaches yoga, but secretly uses the classroom to teach about addiction, tolerance, recovery, grief, lust, desire, humility, freedom, God, Quantum Physics, and Warrior II...with a few curse words thrown in for good luck...which you’ll get a taste of right here during our episode. She is building a doTERRA business and consistently makes sure she isn’t falling victim to the "stop playing small/live your best life by buying what I'm selling" language, which I appreciate about her. She hates all personal development lingo and tries to cultivate a language and personal message that insists upon wholeness just for existing. We dig into many topics but the last 15 to 20 minutes are by far the best in my opinion.   


In this episode, we talk about:

  • Her experience in the fitness world
  • Eating disorder recovery
  • Limiting beliefs and expectations around being a yoga teacher
  • Vulnerability versus transparency
  • Peek into the 12 steps
  • Connecting stories into teachings in yoga and oils
  • The personal development loop
  • Muting unneeded voices
  • Finding help and accountability
  • Grace bringing up more resistance than disappointment does
  • Eliminating to get to the essential
  • Does any of this even matter


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