Intuitive Alignment in Business and Life, Finding Your Audience Along the Way with Visual + Verbal Apothecary, Emmeline Bramble

business intuition podcast Apr 10, 2019

This week I chat with Emmeline Bramble, a Verbal + Visual Apothecary for the Cunning Folk. Through guided mentorship, design services, and copywriting, Emmeline assist compassionate kindred spirits in crafting intuitively-aligned businesses with the power to support their most authentic lives. We dig into what her role as an apothecary and who she serves. We dig deep through remnants of the past and the current social consciousness and state of wellness. I really enjoyed our discussion around everything intuition and will definitely be re-listening 10 more times. She sheds lots of wisdom around energy and alignment especially when it comes to owning a business or even owning your life.


In this episode, we talk about:

  • What is a Visual + Verbal Apothecary
  • Who are the Cunning Folk
  • Current feminine and masculine energy shift
  • Wisdom of intuition and knowing
  • Reconnecting with one’s intuition
  • What the heck is alignment
  • How to get intuitively aligned in your business
  • Finding your people in your niche
  • How to use Instagram the right way

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