Ep 13 How the Elimination Diet Helped Me Find Clarity and Freedom with My Body

podcast May 09, 2018

A couple years ago I had my first taste of an elimination diet. Since then I have completed an elimination in variety of ways, each time learning something new about my body.

I'm not going to lie one of the reasons I chose to do the diet was to lose weight and look better but what I got out of it was worth so much more. For the first time in my life I began to understand my body and feel how certain foods effect me on both a physical and emotional level. It has changed the way I look at food. Instead of counting calories I now check in with my body and choose what feels best in that moment. That in itself was the best result of all. I finally found clarity and freedom.
What is an elimination diet, you may ask.
Well, it is basically what it says. It is an elimination of certain foods, mostly foods that are generally unhealthy and potentially can cause allegoric reactions or sensitives.
In a strict version of the diet you would basically stick to eating very clean, mostly proteins, vegetables and healthy fats for at the very least a few weeks before slowly adding in different foods, one at a time, to see if you have a reaction (which could be physical or emotional).
Here is an extensive list of foods you would eliminate. Any one of these foods could potentially be effecting you without you realizing!

Coffee, Sweeteners (white sugar, brown sugar, corn syrup, agave or cane juice), Artificial sweeteners, Sugar alcohols (often found in chewing gum, like xylitol or protein bars), Eggs, Soy milk or soy beans, Yeast, Nuts, Alcohol, Dairy products, Corn, Cheese, Gluten, Grains (except seed like grains, low-glycemic or sprouted), Processed foods, Soft drinks. Nitrates, often found in lunch meats, Potatoes (except for sweet potatoes or yams), Beans (except for lentils, mung, and adzuki), Nightshades

You can choose to go all out and eliminate them all, essentially starting from scratch, or you can choose which items to take out of your diet for a period of time and then bring them back in to see how you feel. The benefits of a full on elimination diet is that you get a better chance of identifying reactions since you're controlling all other food factors vs eliminating one at a time. The benefit of eliminating only a couple foods at a time is the bonus of not feeling super deprived and allows your body a simpler transition. Whether you decide to go all out or test the waters you are choosing to listen to your body and begin to truly understand its needs. 

If you're looking for guidance feel free to send me a message. I would be happy to chat and further share my experience with you and experiences of my clients. 


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