Ep 12 Cortni McPherson on Being a Student and Teacher of Yoga and Everything In-between

podcast Apr 25, 2018

This episode is take 2 of my conversation with Cortni McPherson. The first time we had a little technology blip which resulted in a blank recording, haha. Cortni is a rockstar yoga instructor based in Lake County, Illinois, that teaches creative flows that are inclusive and welcoming for everyone. In this episode we talk about how Cortni got into yoga starting from her days at the YMCA and watching FitTV. Then realizing she can be a student and a teacher. My favorite quote is when Cortni says [pertaining to using notes for her classes when she first started] "getting rid of that crutch is where I ultimately tapped into that creativity." In a sense, when we all get rid of whatever is holding us we can discover something new! Cortni speaks to how teaching yoga is more than just talking at your students and more so an exchange of energy. We talk about how its easy to get worn out juggling a full-time job and teaching schedule. It is really difficult to show up fully after an 8 hour work day and to hold space for students. Cortni has transitioned to providing amazing workshops including monthly Hopped Up Yoga every 3rd Sunday of each month at Only Child Brewery, quarterly Yoga Malas which are a 108 sun salutations, and other workshops. About a third way into the episode we veered into holistic wellness, health insurance, book clubs, instagram, and technology talk. We wrap up the episode with Cortni telling us how she gets down with her roots!
You can follow and reach Cortni on Instagram, Facebook, and her website.

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