Embracing the Grey Unknown and Building Trust, Relationships, and Community as a Math Instructional Coach with Maria Papiez

This week we chat with Maria Papiez. Maria and I actually grew up together! She is my cousin and my very first friend since the day she was born. Our paths have weaved in and out as we’ve ventured on our own purpose-filled paths but always realizing we’re growing similarly in different ways. I love catching up with her and having the ME TOO moments. She is a former 2nd grade teacher, and this past year she took on a new role as a math instructional coach in grades 3-5. Going from working with kiddos to working with adults has challenged her in the best ways. She works with teachers to better improve math instruction in their classroom. We talk about embracing the grey when it comes to working with real people and whats she has found to be the most successful ways to build the trust that is essential to working together as a team. There are so many great tidbits in this episode I know you’ll enjoy!


In this episode, we talk about:

  • Transitioning from working with kids to working with teachers
  • Figuring out how adults learn best
  • Building trust, relationships, and community
  • Being willing to be vulnerable and open up to build trust
  • Embracing the grey
  • Using data in the education field
  • Anxiety over sharing your data
  • Digging deeper and understanding anxiety


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Where to find Maria Papiez:

Blog: mariapapiez16.wixsite.com/coaching

Instagram: www.instagram.com/coach.teach.inspire


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