Becoming Self-Aware of Fear, Moving Towards Courage with Illustrator and Storyteller, Stephanie Chinn

This week I chat with Stephanie Chinn, the illustrator and storyteller behind my logo. She illustrates everyday life experience that she goes through as well as experiences that  she feels connected with. She typically leans towards illustrating artwork that is centered around mental health and is currently focusing on body image (check out her artwork!). Her artwork tends to stem from life experiences that challenge her and inspires her along with initiatives that light her up. What I love about Stephanie is how raw she was in this episode and how she has navigated challenges and created something very beautiful out of them. I definitely took lots of notes during this recording!   


In this episode, we talk about:

  • Stephanie’s journey through addiction into illustration
  • Courage and self-awareness
  • Noticing and working through fear, patterns, and self-talk
  • Impostor syndrome and being a creative
  • Finding support when we don’t have the answers


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