Authenticity and Deconditioning Through Mindfulness with Human Design Analyst, Ilona Barnhart

This week I talk to a woman who has been going against the grain, gettin’ down with her roots, with confidence before it was even a thing… My good friend, Ilona Barnhart. She is an Artist, Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher and Human Design Analyst. While cultivating a conscious lifestyle, Ilona combines yoga, mindfulness and human design to guide individuals to the healer and guru within, resulting in a magnetic, authentic, and ecstatic life. In this episode we caught up with her since her first appearance in season one, a little over a year ago I believe! Since then she has made so many shifts in her life, especially after finding Human Design. She tells us about her joy in helping others reconnect with their authentic self through their HD type, or as she calls it your soul’s fingerprint. If you’re slightly interested in what that looks like or want to hear the transformations she’s already experienced personally and seem clients go through, dive on in.


In this episode, we talk about:

  • Ilona looking back at her last year retrospectively through Human Design
  • What Ilona as an Manifesting Generator, accomplished thus far by following it her Human Design
  • What is human design
  • Testimonial from a recent client seeing an amazing shift from a rut into confidence, from touching the bottom to stocked on life after a Human Design reading
  • Unraveling support
  • Resources for diving deeper into your own design
  • Human Design types and how to respond
  • Steps to decondition
  • Using Human Design to be more well, accepting, intuitively be in this world
  • Animals and Human Design


Resources & links mentioned in the episode:


Where to find Ilona Barnhart:




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