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Hey lady! You deserve to live a joyful life with clarity.

Imagine waking up every day and living your life without worry or the constant battle of 'healthy' choices bombarding ever channel. Imagine being able to look at all those choices and intuitively knowing which to ignore and which your body is truly craving. It is undeniable that we live in an age where there are SO MANY options.

Let's simplify!

It's time to define your happily nourished.

Time to create YOUR wellness roadmap.


The Reconnect and Thrive program is for health-minded and soulful women who...

  • yearn to live a healthy, happy and nontoxic lifestyle with simplicity
  • are tired of all the 'dieting', deprivation and guilt
  • know there is a simpler way to living healthy and happy
  • are overwhelmed with all the information out there
  • long for an easier way to distinguish what is healthy for her
  • feel the toxic overload in their body, mind and environment
  • are ready to understand their body
  • crave for clarity and joy in their life

Get excited for six weeks of revelations and growth!


Prep Call (45 minutes)

Its so easy to just jump into something when you are super excited about it. I know because I use to do that, all the time! But a little preparation goes a long way! Here we'll figure out what are your blockages and growth areas in order for you to create a healthy and nontoxic lifestyle that works for you.

Weekly Calls (6 calls, 30 minutes each)

Every week we will dig deeper into your blockages and growth areas in order to uncover where you can create space to live your ideal healthy and nontoxic lifestyle with simplicity. No more second guessing. You're going to tap into your intuition and develop mindful practices that will fuel your body and mind. This is where we'll have our aha moments and truly focus in where we can make a big difference.

Weekly Lifestyle Work

Changing our lifestyle and habits isn't easy. Every week you'll receive assignments in order to focus your growth and create change and space for your new lifestyle and habits.

Guides & Handouts

These my dear will allow you to have a step-by-step guide and cheat sheet (yes, they're welcome here) to help you implement your shiny new lifestyle.  

Essential Oils

To jump start your journey to reconnecting with your mind and body you’ll receive 8 of my favorite essential oils and all the essentials to begin using oils to create a nontoxic environment. BONUS: You also get a FREE one year discount membership to doTERRA!

Unlimited Messaging

Got a question or a revelation? Need some guidance on the quick. I got you. Things come up! You don't have to wait for our weekly call to get some guidance or celebrate your breakthroughs. I'm here for you.

Update Call (20 minutes)

Good things can go by fast! I want to make sure you have got it all down and feel empowered and amazing even after we are done with our weekly calls. I'll do a check-in call a couple weeks after we're all wrapped up and see how things are going.

I was once in your shoes. I was sick of the constant "dieting" & information overload. I just just wanted to live a healthy and nontoxic lifestyle and I wanted it to be simple! So I decided to reconnect with my body. Forgot all the "diets". It was time for me to trust myself. My intuition. Time to be mindful and in tune with her. So I went on a detox spree! Literally cleaned up every aspect of my life. It wasn't worth it to me to continue to go in circles while overloading my mind and body with toxins! So I made a commitment to myself to live a healthy and nontoxic life that worked for me and my body and with no guilt! Today I have more clarity and I am happier than ever!

After completing this program you'll...

  • gain clarity on what YOUR body truly wants and needs
  • complete your health blueprint that'll guide you in serving your body
  • detox your body, mind and environment from the inside out
  • possibly even drop some unwanted weight and find your body's sweet spot
  • feel more energized and joyful in your new lifestyle

"After hitting a plateau on my journey back to health and wellness after having my two children, I began looking at a way to educate myself and garner the support needed to try clean eating. I was so pleased to meet Veronica in one of her restorative yoga classes she teaches and learn of her Fall Detox program. After learning more, I jumped in and began the transformation that I have kept up today. Veronica is extremely supportive, accessible but realistic of how I could make meaningful change with a demanding career and two little ones at home. The tools and resources she provided were fantastic and everything was customized to my needs. Not only was I able to shed some unwanted weight but I felt light, healthy and some of my past digestive issues were gone. I highly recommend Veronica to anyone looking to make a real change in their life and focus on educating themselves on the impact food and chemicals have on your body and well-being."

Natalie W.
Yoga Student

Ready to find clarity and reconnect with your mind and body?


Let's create your wellness roadmap!


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